Hello world!

Welcome to EatSeeGo!  The goal of this blog/site is to share our perspective of great food to eat, cool things to see, and interesting places to go.   Most of the posts will be centered around the Los Angeles/Southern California area but will also include anything we encounter in our travels.  We hope this provides you with useful information, beautiful photos, and, perhaps, a different way of viewing the world around us.

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About us:

Suzy–I am the mother of two boys and grew up in the Los Angeles area and continue to live here now.  I also spent a few years living in the Bay Area and in Chicago which taught me about the great walking culture that many cities have but which is harder to find in LA.  I also discovered I’m not a huge fan of cold and snow!  I love to eat great food, especially when it is a good value.  I also love to travel when I can.   My favorite thing is to find that somewhat different way of looking at something and I love to discover the new and unusual.

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