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Herringbone. An EatSeeGo/Foodie Birthdays Lunch–August 2016

August in Los Angeles typically means heatwave weather and is the perfect time to head to one of the beach communities. Being able to celebrate in a fun, casual environment while enjoying the relatively cooler temps brought us to Herringbone in Santa Monica for our August EatSeeGo/Foodie Birthdays group lunch.

Located at The Seychelle, Herringbone, with it’s cheerful, beach-y decor, is the perfect place to grab a drink and relax over a great meal with friends.

34 of us enjoyed a lunch of shared appetizers (Avocado Toast and Albacore Poke), salads (Baby Beet Salad and Stone Fruit Salad), entrees (Mary’s Roasted Chicken and Grilled Hangar Steak), and dessert (freshly baked chocolate chip cookies).  It was a delicious and fun meal.  We even had one guest, a the father of one of our members, who was celebrating his 96th birthday and he quickly won the hearts of not only our group but of the waitstaff as well who went out of their way to make him feel extra special.


Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast. Pickled onion, precorino,, romesco.


Albacore Poke
Albacore Poke. Ginger, soy, spicy mayo, avocado, nori chips.
Baby Beet Salad
Baby Beet Salad. Whipped ricotta, tangelo, pickled grapes, hazelnuts, hearts of fire.
Stone Fruit Salad
Stone Fruit Salad. Mizuna, Burrata, Smoked Almonds, Cherries, Oregano Vinaigrette
Mary's Roasted Chicken
Mary’s Roasted Chicken. Piquillo hummus, charred cauliflower, chickpeas, golden raisins, feta fondue, pickled onion.
Grilled Hanger Steak
Grilled Hangar Steak. Grilled asparagus, chimichurri.
Sorbet option for gluten free diners.
Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Events GM Kevin Klein was super easy to work with and really went out of his way to make our meal memorable and special.  Herringbone is great choice when you want the coastal vibe without the sand between your toes.  Even if you are a local, you’ll feel transported to that special vacation meal you can’t help but want to return to time and time again!


1755 Ocean Avenue

Santa Monica, CA

(310) 971-4460

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